NEWS:Guys, Have You Ever Sleep In Same Room Where 2 People Are Having Sex Before? (Share Your Experience)


The person you call your friend might not care about your feelings when it comes to konji matter😂😂

Why would somebody be having sex with his babe when I am in the room, I never expected that the sound of moaning will wake me up 1 am in midnight.😰

As I woke up and noticed the 2 idiots were having sex, I decided to pretend as if I was still sleeping.

As she was moaning, the sound was sending a signal to my sense organ and my pr!ck begin to respond to the yeye signal.🙆

At that point, I wished my babe was around too, but what can I do? They did different styles, they both cum and slept.

As they were having sex, many things were coming through my mind. First, I was like, àbí I should ask to join for a threesome?

Or I should just spoil the whole show for them by waking up and start praying?😂

The whole thing pain me Sha because I felt everything they did in my system and the whole thing woke up my urge to also have sex that night.


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